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Director, producer and cinematographer of documentary films from Mexico, winner of several international awards. He was born in Mexico City the 29th of June of 1977 and started his film career by his own means, taking pictures in Poland, New York and Mexico; this practice gave him recognition and in 1995 got the First Prize at the UNESCO’s ACCU World Photo Contest.

In 1999 he enrolled at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) where he made two documentary shorts: The color his shadow (2004) and Goodbye Marins (2001). His first feature length film, Tropic of Cancer won the Joris Ivens Award at the 27th Festival du Cinéma du Réel in Paris and tells the story of a number of families that find economical sustent by hunting and selling wild and unusual animals on the side of the freeway.

His work led him to compete and present his films in film festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Venice and Berlin. Through his camera, strictly vigilant and contemplative; Polgovsky went over different scenery that revealed the social, cultural and environmental conflicts happening in Mexico.

Eugenio Polgovsky died in August 2017 in London, England.


This successful Mexican actress has worked in telenovelas and films since her early youth. She first captured American audiences in 2007 with her award-winning performance in the Fox Searchlight and Weinstein hit movie Under the Same Moon, which is among the top five highest-grossing Spanish-language theatrical releases in the U.S.

Kate's talent is versatile, in 2012 she gave two critically acclaimed performance, first in the mexican film Colosio, and second, in the English language film, K-11, in which she played a transsexual man.

Currently, Kate is enjoying the massive success of her Netflix original series, Ingobernable, which she stars in and co-produced through her own production company, Kate Del Castillo Productions, she is developing film, television and digital content, as well as theater projects. Her next self-produced Netflix project is a documentary called, Kate, The Day I Met El Chapo, and in early 2018 she will start work on second seasons of both Ingobernable, and La Reina Del Sur.

Besides being a successful actress. Kate is also an outspoken activist and humanitarian. She was appointed as Ambassador for the Mexican Commission on Human Rights (CNDE) to help combat human trafficking. She is also a spokesperson for PETA and has received numerous Humanitarian awards and recognitions, including the key to the City of Los Angeles, where she currently resides.


Director Luis Mandoki studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and the London International Film School. In 1976, Mandoki received international recognition with his short film Silent Music which won first place at the Cannes Film Festival. In 1980, his short film The Secret won the Ariel for Best Short Feature in Mexico.

In 1987 he wrote, produced and directed his first feature Gaby: A True Story. The film received an Oscar nomination and two Golden Globe nominations and the start of his Hollywood career.

Mandoki directed his first feature in the United States, White Palace (1990), starring Susan Sarandon and James Spader. He later went on to direct When A Man Loves A Woman (1994) with Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia, Message In A Bottle (1999), with Paul Newman, Robin Wright Penn, and Kevin Costner; Angel Eyes (2001), with Jennifer Lopez and James Caviezel; and Trapped (2002), with Charlize Theron and Kevin Bacon.

His film, Innocent Voices, received various awards including the Crystal Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Best Film at the Seattle Film Festival; and the Stanley Kramer Award, given by the Producer's Guild of America.

Most recently, he directed Sabina Rivas, the saga of a girl from Honduras and her journey trying to get to the United States. He has also directed several documentaries with social themes.


María Conchita Alonso is one of the biggest names in the Latin market. Born in Cuba and then naturalized in Venezuela, she is a film star, theater and TV actress and a singer/songwriter. She has contributed to the entertainment industry in over 70 films, ten telenovelas, plays and miniseries for HBO, Showtime, NBC, ABC, CBS, Hallmark and Lifetime to name a few.

She made her Hollywood film debut in 1984 in Moscow on the Hudson (1984) with Robin Williams; and starred in movies like Extreme Prejudice (1987), The Running Man (1987), Predator 2 (1990), The House of the Spirits (1993), Vampire's Kiss (1988), Colors, and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem (2012), amongst many others. She was the first Latin-born actress to star on broadway in Kiss of the Spider Woman.

She was named "Hispanic Woman of the Year" by the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation and is an active promoter of animal rights and speaker activist, about the current issues in her natal Cuba and Venezuela. She has shared her fight against anorexia and bulimia and in 2018 her life story in a TV bio-series.

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