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August 27 – 30


LOS ANGELES (August 20, 2015) – Today the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Los Angeles (FICG in LA) - presented by the University of Guadalajara Foundation in USA and CONACULTA, with Principal Sponsors the University of Guadalajara, the Guadalajara International Film Festival, the Institute of Cinema Mexico (IMCINE), UNIVISION and LA OPINION announced that all the proceeds will be donated to the charitable organization Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA).


Mission statement of HOLA:  Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) provides thousands of underserved youth with free exceptional after-school programs in academics, visual arts, music and athletics within a nurturing environment, empowering them to develop their potential, pursue their education and strengthen their communities. In neighborhoods often overrun by poverty, crime and a feeling of hopelessness, Heart of Los Angeles invests in youth to build stronger communities. Heart of Los Angeles gives some of the city's most vulnerable youth a chance to succeed in life. From what started 26 years ago with just a handful of kids in a dilapidated gym, HOLA now serves over 2,300 youth ages 6-24, on a four-building campus in the Rampart District.  HOLA has three core academic programs and offers a wide variety of enrichment activities, including a comprehensive music department, a robust visual arts program, premier sports leagues and activities, leadership and healthy living classes, and a cutting-edge scientific arts program. www.heartofla.org.

The 2015 FICG in LA, which returns to the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood for its fifth year and runs from Thursday, August 27 to Sunday, August 30, brings the best of contemporary Mexican and Latin American cinema to Los Angeles, and is an extension of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Featuring outstanding and award-winning titles from FICG30, which ran from March 6-15, 2015 in Guadalajara, FICG in LA will offer the premiere of other titles that have emerged in the world of cinema throughout the year to great critical acclaim.

The aim of the festival is to increase access and visibility of Mexican and Latin American cinema in the U.S., facilitating the exchange of ideas through stories and issues of cultural and social relevance, create a space for collaboration between filmmakers, and strengthen relations between the film industry in Mexico and the U.S.

FICG in LA includes film screenings followed by Q&As with filmmakers and talent, as well as galas, panels and special award recognitions to Latin American and U.S. Latino artists.

About FICG
FICG was founded in 1986 by the Mexican filmmaker Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, with the tremendous help from young film students like Guillermo del Toro, and support from the University of Guadalajara. It will celebrate its 31th edition in March, 2016.

FICG is the lead film festival in Latin America. It is a forum for the training, education, and creative exchange among industry professionals, film critics, and film students from all over Ibero-America

About the University of Guadalajara – Mexico
The University of Guadalajara is a network formed by three educational systems and 15 campuses distributed in all the regions of the State of Jalisco, and it is the second most important and eldest university in Mexico. The University of Guadalajara is committed to the betterment of society through higher education. It supports scientific and technological research that makes important contributions to a sustainable and inclusive society, respecting cultural diversity and honoring the principles of social justice, democracy, coexistence, and prosperity for all. The University is renowned in Mexico and abroad as a leader in the transformation of society through innovative means through social development and dissemination of knowledge.

About the Foundation of the University of Guadalajara in the U.S.
The University of Guadalajara Foundation in the United States of America is an extension of Fundación Universidad de Guadalajara, A.C., and is made up of a number of prominent academic and social leaders. The Foundation works to attain private support from individuals, foundations and corporations in order to fulfill the mission and vision of the University of Guadalajara in Los Angeles.

It seeks to improve the quality of life and social integration of migrants and hispanic nationals by increasing their access to education and enhancing their sense of belonging and identification with their environment by developing their skills and capabilities through educational services and relevant social research.


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