Leon Krauze

León Krauze

León Krauze is a keen observer of the day-to-day life. His family is part of Mexico’s cultural history. León grew with a natural spirit to question and inquire.
After his tireless work in Mexico, where he wrote pieces that went from sports to international politics collaborating in different media such as El Universal, Animal Político, el País América o the magazine Letras Libres. He was best known for conducting the news- broadcast in W Radio and Foro TV.
By 2012 he arrived to Univision in Los Angeles where he currently directs the local newscast with the highest ratings in the US “Noticias 34 K-M-E-X”. Since his arrival to the United States he has won six Emmy awards among others. León Krauze has become a point of reference to the Hispanic audience and is one of the most important Latino voices in the English language, writing frequently for The New Yorker and The Washington Post.
Krauze has won a privileged place in the history of journalism in Los Angeles with this recent publication “La Mesa, Historias de Nuestra Gente”. A book gathering the emotional stories of Latin immigrants that Krauze has interviewed for Univision.
Thanks to his committed and close to home journalism Leon Krauze has brought the great Hispanic community of California together.