La Opinion

La Opinión

La Opinión Newspaper is currently the most-read Spanish-written Journal, in the United States.

On September 16, 1926, La Opinion Newspaper was founded with the aim to offer to the growing Hispanic population in Los Angeles a link to their roots and provide them with the most complete information about deportations.

This Journal was a family business until 2012, when La Nación, the Argentinian Newspaper, bought it. However, the children of its founder – Ignacio Lozano, Mónica and Francisco – continue to work as key players of this daily paper.

La Opinión does not only care for the interests of Mexican readers. It is also widely read by people who are originally from countries in Central America, South American, and Cubans and Puerto-Ricans – countries who form one of the largest Hispanic Communities in Los Angeles.
La Opinion, based on its great prestige and popularity, has been granted the most important international awards and recognitions. During 1999 and 2000, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists acknowledged La Opinion as the Most Important Journal of the Year, published in Spanish. And in 2006, it was awarded the most important prize that El Pais Newspaper grants, the José Ortega y Gasset Award.

The work of a newspaper like La Opinion in Los Angeles has been vital in  promoting our film industry and to support and preserve the Hispanic identity by bringing them closer to their own roots. It is a fact that La Opinion has fulfilled its mission by turning 90 years old. It is no longer a simple Mexican journal published in LA, but an American newspaper that is published in Spanish.