Our excellent workflow is the result of working with the latest technology plus the experience and creativity of our staff. From the pre-production process (data-management), color correction, VFX and mastering. We guarantee the adequate process: reliable and ideal for each film.



MonoMono is a company specialized in developing and offering film post-production solutions. We focus on developing workflows tailored for each individual project. We specialize in different areas.

Our team includes both junior and senior editors with experience in film and television, renowned Latin-American colorists who have worked for international networks, and a post-production manager.

This work model stems from the work experience of our members in different fields and our proposal to build a remote team work model.  Our services include film conforming, color grading and deliverable needs services as well consulting and management for all post-production processes.

Our combined work experience in the film industry ranges from working with laboratories to working with digital intermediate and finally working with the latest technologies.

We have the ability to work with high quality material especially with the following international standards: EXR, DPX, 4K, 5K, UHD. Moreover we also have a wealth of experience providing color design and workflow consulting services for Broadcast.

MonoMono was created by a group of friends and colleagues brought together by the genuine pursuit of a common interest: collaboration and partnership. 


Baremo Films

Producer of audiovisual content and original music for films. It has the multi-awarded Crónicas Chilangas which was preselected to the Golden Globes in 2010 and it participated in 20 national and international festivals. It is currently about to premier Minezota in the official selection at FICM.


Venus Rey Jr. y Ensamble Sensemayá

Alumni of Jorge Ritter, he is a composer, arranger, symphonic and choral director. Founder and director of Sensemayá Ensamble. Among his most outstanding pieces are Misa Guadalupana”, “Sinfonía Jesuita”, “Réquiem Música por la Paz” and "Sinfonía 5 de Mayo" as well as the recently premiered "Bachianas Mexicanas". Sesmayá Ensemble is made up of  young Mexican musicians whose mission is to get to know works of contemporary Mexican composers.


Zitlali Ztudios

Production company specialized in musical recording for cinema. With more than ten year’s experience recording on location and in studio orchestral ensembles, as well as music from other genres. Two of its latest works were awarded at the Mexican Film Academy;  Roberto Fiesco’s Tremulo and Julián Hernández Muchacho en la barra se masturba con rabia y osadia. It has produced and recorded musical pieces



Company dedicated to audio post-production for films. It has worked on more than 80 cinematographic productions. It has worked with some of the most relevant directors in the film industry such as Arturo Ripstein, Roberto Fiesco, Julián Hernandez, Eduardo Sabugal, Edgar Nito and Ricardo Soto among others.

out sider

Outsider Pictures

Outsider Pictures is a motion picture distribution company releasing films in the US, Canada and Latin America. Outsider Pictures is dedicated to realizing the visions of independent filmmakers with compromise and committed to bringing moviegoers the most original stories from around the world.

Secuencia Estrategica

Secuencia + Estratégica

It is a communication agency created in 2012 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Its specialty is the correct form of communications of diverse projects with the final goal that each project reaches its public and obtain their objectives. Among the communication areas that it covers are publicity, branding and digital communication.

el taller

El Taller

El Taller is a forward thinking postproduction studio, driven by artistic talent and technical knowledge, oriented to the film and television industries. We use the latest technology and our deep knowledge to ensure our clients results of the highest quality that materialize their creative vision.


Beast Sound Design

Founded in 2009, Beast SD is a recording studio specialized in sound design. Beast Sound Design is conformed by a high experienced team producing professional sound for movies, TV, video games, advertising and radio. In Beast Sound Design we acknowledge the relevance of delivering quality sound for our clients on time. We are a creative sound boutique, keen on proposing new ideas aimed on story telling.