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Friday, October 7th 12:30 hrs.

Cine Iberoamericano Industria y financiamiento por país de Sydney J. Levine

A noteworthy investigation on the essentials of Ibero-American film production. No matter if you are an international executive or a producer, this is a crucial resource for anyone who wants know more about how cinema is made in Ibero-America.

Libro Arau



Saturday, October 8th 17:00 hrs

Alfonso Arau, That's Life (Waltz for the Piano) Conversations with Armando Casas.

A relaxed conversation between two filmmakers.
Director Armando Casas (“Un mundo Raro” 2001) co-wrote Alfonso Arau’s biography. A journey through his intense life nourished by the most diverse experiences: from traffic motorcycle squad officer to comedian, mime, actor and film director. A student of noteworthy figures such as Seki Sano, Fanny Anitúa, José Revueltas, Julio Pliego and Luis Buñuel. A fascinating glimpse of the life of the Mexican director that, as Lucina Jimenez would say, “managed to open the doors of Hollywood to Mexican cinema, which opened up the furrow and fertilized the ground so that other Mexican actors and directors could plant their own seed of intelligence, creativity and experience”.