Alice Braga

Alice Braga

Originally from Sao Paulo, and a descendant from a family of legendary actors, Alice Braga cast her spell on critics, audiences and the industry as a whole, when she appeared in the acclaimed film The City of God.

Her acting career started when she played Angelica, the beautiful daughter of a sergeant, who is trapped between the hearts of two men, and surrounded by the violence of slum and gangs in Rio de Janeiro. She immediately called the attention of directors and producers from around the world.

In Brazil, Braga had her first leading role in the Mexican film Only God Knows, directed by Carlos Bolado. One year later she starred in the science fiction feature film, I am Legend, next to Will Smith.

Since then, her work has been divided between Brazil and the United States. She has proven her ability to perform a wide range of characters and has appeared in Hollywood films, but also in the small indie films from her native country.

Alice Braga’s charm on screen has turned her into the most famous Brazilian actress of her generation. She is a restless promoter of Latin American culture around the world.