Welcome to the 2016 FICG in LA!

ivan trujillo

FICG in LA is an extension of the Guadalajara Film Festival, established and designed to screen the best of contemporary Latin American cinema in the city of Los Angeles. The programming is composed of the award-winning films from the diverse sections of our festival, as well as the most relevant events; a sort of “Best of the Fest” of what took place last March in Guadalajara.

Our goal is that both Hispanic and North American audiences can be able to explore the different narratives of Mexican and Ibero-American cinema and support films coming from these regions so they can reach wider audiences

Since the city of Los Angeles is the biggest showcase
for worldwide cinema and is the heart of the film
industry, Hollywood is the natural venue for the festival. FICG in LA’s mission is to create bonds between the Latin and North American industry; for this reason, we will be hosting our Industry initiatives once again, including our signature program Guadalajara Construye in Los Angeles, which we have renamed Work in Progress Latino.

Welcome to FICGinLA.6

Iván Trujillo Bolio
Festival Director
Guadalajara International Film Festival