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DocuLab.2 Los Angeles - CALL FOR ENTRIES 2015

The Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) is pleased to announce the second edition of DocuLab Los Angeles as part of the 2015 FICG in LA.

FICG in LA and DocuLab.2 Los Angeles are seeking documentary films that are currently in post-production, made by either Latino or Ibero-American filmmakers living in North America (USA or Canada), or by American and Canadian filmmakers who have a documentary with Latino or Latin American content, to be submitted to DocuLab.2 Los Angeles (August 27 & 28, 2015).

DocuLab.2 Los Angeles’mission is to support the development of non-fiction cinema and to organize debates and analysis of selected projects by documentary experts, scholars and industry professionals. DocuLab.2 Los Angeles will select 10 documentary filmmakers who meet the above citeria with projects currently in post-production. Three of these projects seeking post-production funds will be chosen to screen for the jury and film industry professionals at FICG in LA. DocuLab.2 Los Angeles is working to garner specific support for post-production. The awards will be announced in the coming weeks.

The winning project will automatically qualify to be considered for DocuLab.8 Guadalajara or for the Ibero-American Documentary Competition for the next edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG31) – March 2016.


To participate in DocuLab.2 Los Angeles you must create an online profile, complete the submission form and upload all the required materials and supporting documents that reflect your experience and creative capacity, which will be evaluated by the selection committee. The selection comittee is composed of renowned documentary experts and industry professionals.

The selected projects will be publicly announced on July 31 on the festival website (


1) Three projects (in competition) will have:

  • One screening for members of the industry and the FICG in LA jury.
  • Inclusion of their project information in the FICG in LA program book and website (
  • Lodging for three (3) nights in Los Angeles (One double room per project from August 26 thru 29, 2015). Each participant will be responsible for covering travel and meal expenses.
  • Two festival accreditation badges for representatives of each project.
  • Project eligibility: Documentary projects in post-production with at least a first rough cut, made by either Latino or Ibero-American filmmakers living in North America (USA or Canada), or by American and Canadian filmmakers who have a documentary film with Latino or Latin American content. The project can be submitted by any member of the film team. Directors, producers, editors, etc. are welcome to apply (if the submitter is not the legal representative of the film, the submitter must provide a letter of authorization by the legal representative of the project).

2) Seven projects (not in competition) will receive two festival accreditations per film and will be able to participate in DocuLab.2 Los Angeles and FICG in LA.


1)  To submit, complete the online submission form in both English and Spanish at

  1. Upload the following materials:
    • Professional biography, in Spanish and English (400 characters).
    • Synopsis, in Spanish and English ( 400 characters).

IMPORTANT: Please make sure all information is accurate and current. The information provided in the submission form will be used for the FICG in LA program book and the festival website if the project is selected.

Submitter’s statement, in Spanish and English ( 1300 characters) describing the production status of the project, its aesthetic, social, cultural and artistic contribution; and how the submitter and its project would benefit from participating in DocuLab.2 Los Ángeles.

Submitter’s headshot: .jpeg file, 4 x 6 inches at 300dpi resolution. Please name the file with your complete name as indicated below.

Ex: Pedro_Pérez_Pizano_HEADSHOT.jpeg

Three (3) film stills

Ex: La_Reina_STILL_Pedro_Pérez_Pizano.jpeg

The most recent cut of the film (with English or Spanish subtitles depending on the original language). Must be 30 to 80 min. in length, with an online link and password. DOWNLOADABLE FILES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

1)  Fill out the online submission form at in the Industry tab. First, create a user profile, the system will send you a confirmation email. After you receive this email you can complete your submission. You must upload all the materials before June 16, 2015.

2)  Only one submission per project will be considered.

    • The documentary projects are selected by a group of documentary experts from North America (Mexico, USA and Canada).
    • The selection committee will choose up to ten (10) projects: three (3) projects in competition and seven (7) out of competition.
    • Representatives of the sponsors and a jury of renowed documentary filmmakers will determine the winner of DocuLab.2 Los Ángeles.
    • Project submission is free.
    • Projects must be submitted by its legal representative or submitter must provide a letter of authorization by the legal representative of the project.
    • The call for entries opens on March 16, 2015. Final deadline is on June 16, 2015.
    • Submitted projects must be at least a first cut of the film with a minimum length of 30 minutes, and must not exceed 80 minutes.
    • FICG in LA reserves the right to invite any of the projects and its decision is final. The participants will receive a notification with the results of the selection on July 8, 2015.
    • The selected projects must confirm their participation in DocuLab.2
    • Los Angeles before July 14, 2015, otherwise their participation will be automatically cancelled.
    • Once a film has been confirmed, the submitter must send two (2) master screening copies in Blu-Ray format and one (1) DVD copy of the film. The film copies must have stereo sound and include English or Spanish subtitles depending on the original language of film. These copies will not be returned.
    • Participants will cover the cost of print shipping. The discs copies must be received in Los Angeles by July 21, 2015.




In case of using a courier service or a private shipping company, the shipping expenses must be prepaid by the sender and the package must clearly indicate in its description “Cultural material with no commercial value”. The Festival will not cover shipping or customs expenses.

Incomplete submission forms or failure to provide the required materials will make a project ineligible for this competition.

For more information please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Call for entries opens: March 16, 2015

Completion of submission form and delivery of all required materials including link to film project deadline: June 16, 2015

Selected projects notification: July 8, 2015

Selected projects participation confirmation deadline: July 14, 2015

Official announcement of the selected projects: July 31, 2015

DocuLab.2 Los Angeles dates: August 27 and 28, 2015