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About DocuLab

The Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG) is known for developing the technical and creative skills of emerging visual artists from Latin America.
Seven years ago, FICG presented the Visionary Campus Guadalajara in collaboration with the Berlin International Film Festival. This initiative subsequently became Talents Guadalajara, a program that focused on nurturing and promoting emerging filmmakers from Latin American. From this successful experience, DocuLab Guadalajara was born as a specialization lab that furthered the technical and creative skills of documentary filmmakers, partly through debates and analysis of selected projects by documentary experts, scholars and industry professionals.
DocuLab Guadalajara will celebrate its 8th edition during the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG31) – March 2015.
For six years, DocuLab Guadalajara has fostered dialogue between established directors and emerging documentary filmmakers, offering them a space to debate ideas, share experiences and reflect on the art of non-fiction cinema. Filmmakers have shown their projects in different stages of production that cover a variety of topics and subjects, showcasing familiar and universal stories. In those six years, DocuLab Guadalajara has seen these stories further developed and acclaimed by audiences in diverse forums and festivals from around the world.
To strengthen and support the development of the production and promotion of Latino and Latin American documentaries, and its creators, FICG has established collaborations with the following festivals
•         Costa Rica International Film Festival (CRFIC) – DocuLab.2 Costa Rica covering Central America
•         Viña del Mar International Film Festival (FICVIÑA) - DocuLab.1 Chile covering the Andean region.
•         DocuLab.1 Los Angeles covering North America (United States and Canada)

For more information about DocuLab go to www.doculab.mx
DocuLab.2 Los Angeles
This initiative focuses on documentary films that are currently in post-production, made by either Latino or Ibero-American filmmakers living in North America (USA or Canada), or by American and Canadian filmmakers who have a documentary with Latino or Latin American content. DocuLab.2 Los Angeles will take place August 27 to 30, 2015.
DocuLab.2 Los Angeles’ mission is to support the development of non-fiction cinema and to organize debates and analysis of selected projects by documentary experts, scholars and industry professionals. DocuLab.2 Los Angeles will select 10 documentary filmmakers who meet the above criteria, with projects currently in post-production. Three of these projects seeking post-production funds will be chosen to screen for jury members and film industry professionals at FICG in LA. DocuLab.2 Los Angeles is working to garner specific support for post-production. The awards will be announced in the coming weeks.
The winning project will automatically qualify to be considered for DocuLab.8 Guadalajara or for the Ibero-American Documentary Competition of the next edition of the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG31) – March 2015.