Ofelia Medina

Ofelia Medina


When you talk about Ofelia Medina, the first words that come to mind are; film, plays, dance and human rights activist. Ofelia was born in the mid-twentieth century in Merida, Yucatan but moved to Mexico City at a young age. While in the city, Ofelia participated in various arts activities and at age 11 she was part of Alejandro Jodorowski’s pantomime school and later became a pioneer on mime performance in Mexico.

Ofelia Medina studied acting with stage director Lee Strasberg in Los Angles and in 1968 at age 18, she made her film debut in Pax, a film by director Wolf Rilla.

Ofelia has worked in multiple films, including El águila descalza, Nocturno a Rosario, De qué color es el viento, Voces Inocentes, La leyenda de la Nahuala and the award-winning film, Frida Kahlo, naturaleza viva, in a time where ‘Fridita wasn’t that well-known’ as Ofelia recalls.

Her stage work includes, La conspiración de la Cucaña, el Deseo; she wrote, played and directed Cada quien su Frida, Intimamente Rosario de Chiapas, as well as Voces Mexicanas, a play dedicated to Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Rosario Castellanos y Frida Kahlo.

As a social activist, Ofelia has been part of many women’s movements including Mujers Sin Miedo: todas somos Atenco, where she is an active member and she also heads an organization dedicated to improving indigenous children’s health in Mexico.

This is Ofelia Medina, a woman that says ‘that as days goes by, she keeps finding more meaning in life.’