Familia Derbez

The Derbez Dynasty

Silvia Derbez (1932-2002), debuted in the film industry as a teenager playing roles along well established names such as Marga López, Sara García, Domingo Soler, Manolo Fábregas, Libertad Lamarque, Pedro Armendariz and many others. Her talent and professionalism led her to be a shining star at the end of the so-called “golden age” of the Mexican Cinema. She participated in films alongside Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete, as well as in true classics of the Mexican Cinema such as “Salón Mexico” or “El río y la muerte”. Additionally, she was selected to participate in the first Mexican soap opera ever shown on television.

Eugenio, her son, born 1961, approached the arts by studying music, acting and film.  Comedy on television was re-invigorated by the new characters and situations fed by his creativity allowing him the opportunity to explore dramatic variations in theater and film. His blockbuster, "Instructions not Included", raised interest to create more family oriented films and paved the way for the distribution of films in the Latino market.

Aisslin, her granddaughter, born in 1987, following the foot-steps of her grandmother and her father, pursued an education of the arts in New York City. Upon returning to Mexico, she dedicated herself with outmost passion to the movie and television industries. Aisslin participated in one of the Galas of FICG30 in the film “Estar o no estar”.

Three generations of talent, creativity and delivery.
A dynasty that we are honored to recognize.