Welcome to the 2015 FICG in LA!

FICG in LA 2015 represents the culmination of five years of continuous dedication and passion to further the Latino arts and cinema in the U.S. What was once a tiny three-day showcase of Latino and Latin American cinema, is now a lively, eventful film festival, filled with industry events, work-in-progress competitions, family-oriented programs and panel discussions. Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop for FICG in LA to thrive, as it is a patchwork of so many different cultures and communities from across Latin America; however, we hope that our audience is as diverse as the city itself, because many of these stories universally relate to communities of all backgrounds.


Apart from bringing recent Latino cinema to LA, our mission is to create meaningful dialogue around current issues on identity, health, human rights and our communities, which play out on screen before our eyes. We actively look for opportunities to connect art with social awareness.


Sponsors and supporting organizations play a huge role in our work-in-progress competitions and panels, and we are honored to maintain and expand the support of organizations such as Univision or LA Opinion as Media Partner or LMU, HBO and NALIP in our industry initiatives. They believe in our mission, and find synergy with us across the board, especially in diversifying the film industry and the storytelling space.


We also are proud this year to receive once again a grant from the Hollywood Foreign Press, which will help support our filmmaker programs and events. I am also pleased to announce the addition of the Kids Gala, which creates a space for families to enjoy the festival.


I truly believe that with each year, FICG in LA becomes more and more ingrained in the cultural scene of LA - and it will continue to become a festival that people from all walks of life look forward to attending.

Hebe Tabachnik

Director & Producer