DocuLab.1 Los Angeles Selected Projects

Gaucho del Norte, Dir. Andrés Caballero, Sofia Khan Argentina/USA

Hotel de Paso, Dir. Paulina Sánchez Mexico/USA

Juanicas, Dir. Karina García Casanova, Mexico/Canada


Oyente Testigo

Andrea Meller


Andrea Meller is a LA based filmmaker, born and raised in NY after her parents emigrated from Santiago, Chile. Her documentary credits include co-directing Emmy-nominated Hard Road Home (PBS), directing 156 Rivington (Sundance Channel), and co-producing and editing 9/12, a documentary for United & American Airlines. Her films have screened at festivals, museums and galleries internationally.

Working Title: Now en español
Running time: 65 minutes
Sinopsis: Pulling back the curtain on one of Hollywood’s lesser-known communities, NOW EN ESPANOL follows the lives and careers of the five dynamic Latina voice actresses who dub “Desperate Housewives” into Spanish for American audiences. The film is an engaging, intimate portrait of these women, who often find themselves in situations just as desperate as their onscreen counterparts. NOW EN ESPANOL makes these voice-over actresses visible for the first time as they fight for a more diverse and visible portrayal of themselves, redefining our idea of what American culture looks like.

Armando Croda

 México -USA

Originally from Mexico, he is co-director, Cinematographer and Editor of the documentary LOS COJOLITES, A LOOK INTO SON JAROCHO MUSIC (2014) for Canal 22 International in Mexico. In 2010 he completed the feature film, VICTORIO as Co-Director and Editor, which was awarded the Opera Prima at the Guanajuato Film Festival, and screened in Valencia, Huelva, St. Petersburg, Havana and Bilbao festival.

Working Title: Firmes
Running time: 80 minutos
Sinopsis: Ex-gangsters in search of a more dignified life, FIRMES is the story of the hardships and triumphs faced by a group of Mexican immigrants fighting for survival in the Bronx. United by their love for art, culture and Mexican traditions, they've formed strong bonds and a solid community. Together they attempt to stay away from gang life, get over past mistakes and hash out a legitimate existence in the tangled urban landscape of New York City.

Henry Lesperance

 México -USA

Was born in Mexico City in 1981. When I was 18 years of age I arrived to the United States and studied at the University of California, San Diego were I both earned a B.A. (2005) and M.A. (2008) in the fields of Philosophy and Latin American Studies respectively. Currently I am completing a Ph.D. in Claremont Graduate University with an emphasis in visual media.

Working Title: Pies ligeros
Running time: 80 minutes
Sinopsis: The film “Pies Ligeros” narrates a story of two of Mexico’s most elite long-distance runners that nowadays have been forgotten without any glory. The life of Raramuri runners: Victoriano Churo and Cirildo Chacarito reached its apogee during 1990’s when they obtained national and international recognition for their endurance in long-distance running. However, lack of support over the years has prevented these two brilliant starts from continuing to shine and compete in the ultra-marathon arena. Today their linage has the task of re-vindicating their place as the most enduring runners.

Juan Manuel Sepulveda

Juan has been producing and directing documentary films since 2006. Bajo la tierra, his first short film, won the ariel award. La frontera infinita, 2008, won the Joris Ivens award at the Cinema du Réel. Extraño rumor de la tierra cuando se abre un surco won best short film at Cinema du Réel at 2011. Lecciones para una guerra is his second feature film.

Working Title: Ballad of Oppenheimer Park
Running time: 45 minutes
Sinopsis: In downtown Vancouver, a city that is a product of the epic conquest of the West, there is a park where the displaced and the outsiders of this History continue to defy the imposition of the law and the order.

The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park is a feature documentary film based in the experimental appropriation of the classical Western with the direct participation of the descendants of the Native Population of North America who had been historically defying any form of confinement and control since there were placed in reservations.

Paulina Romero

 México -USA

Paulina Romero (Mexico City, 1985) holds a B.A. in International Affairs from the Autonomous National University of Mexico (2011), focusing in women and feminism. During college years got involved in activism for women’s rights and creates a campaign against sexual harassment, and produces her first short, “No MásPuercasCosutmbres”, Paulina also worked at Mexico’s Consulate in NY.

Working Title: El Arbol de las manzanas
Running time: 15 minutos
Sinopsis:El Árbol de las Manzanas(The Apple Tree) documents the liberation struggle of four undocumented migrant women, who organize into an original labor model in order to confront abuses against female domestic workers by employers and residents of New York City. Together they walk a path that demands great personal and teamwork effort and manage to sustain themselves in one of the most competitive cities of the world.

Sisa Bueno


Originally from New York City, Sisa Bueno is a filmmaker of Cuban & Dominican descent who is intrigued by both the complex and stories that are untold. She studied film production at New York University (NYU), and focuses on creating media projects that explore underrepresented cultures and social issues. She was named a 2013 NBC Latino Innovator for introducing fresh ideas and pioneering change.

Working Title: Nosotros los de la Saya
Running time: 57 minutes
Sinopsis: After years of protests in Bolivia, Evo Morales was elected the first Indigenous president in the Americas. He declared a complete rewrite of the Bolivian constitution, which was met with fierce opposition from the wealthy minority. The film follows Martina Barra, an impoverished Afro-Bolivian farmer descended from African slaves. The virtually invisible Afro-Bolivian community has historically suffered from severe racial oppression and social marginalization. Martina joins a popular movement to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new Bolivia where her community is visible.

Forencia Davidzon

I am a Writer/Director/Producer born in Argentina. I lived in Guatemala, Mexico, and I am currently residing in Los Angeles. I was a NALIP fellow. I am pursuing my MFA in film at Maine Media College since 2012.

Working Title: Quijotes de la Marcha
Running time: 52 minutes
Sinopsis:Silvia, a social worker, and David (whose nickname become Jack Sparrow), an unemployed man, join the 15M Movement in May 2011 in Plaza Cataluña. Then, they decide to march 500 km on foot from Barcelona to Madrid with others from the movement as a way to confront the socio-political status quo and express their anger and frustrations. Even though the 15M would eventually inspire several groups, such as Occupy Wall Street, those first sets of individuals quickly learn about the difficulties inherent in changing the world while an unlikely fictional character, Don Quixote, whispers to them.